Friday, January 10, 2014

Perfect 10

I'm back on the blog, after realizing I forgot to post my latest M-spike update. If you're one of those who is interested in my M-spike updates, you'll remember that a few months ago, the lab didn't include my M-spike number with the rest of my results. That happened again, so I don't know what it is; however, they did check my IgG, which came back exactly the same as last month. The nurse was pretty impressed about how stable my IgG is, because usually IgG fluctuates all the time. The IgG measurement also includes healthy protein, while the M-spike number is only bad protein. I don't remember the exact number (am I slipping in my blood-numbers obsession?), but it's somewhere in the 1,600s, which is at the high end of normal. Anyway, that probably means my M-spike is totally stable, too. Yay!

Other exciting news: My CBC, while still not entirely normal, looked better than it had in yeaaaaars, and my dose of Revlimid has been reduced to 10 mg. I'd been on 15 mg for over a year (and 20 mg for over a year before that, and 25 mg for about six months before that). We're just going to see how the 10 mg works out. I'll find out in a few weeks.

I was looking for a photo to go with this post that would celebrate the 10 mg of Revlimid, when I remembered that NKOTB's latest album is called "10". Coincidence??!?!?!?! Well, probably, but at least I can celebrate with a video.

You don't have to admit that you watched it. It is pretty awesome, though.


Ginny Marie said...

I didn't even realize that NKOTB is still around! Ha! Congrats on being on only 10mg. I'm due for my yearly visit to my oncologist soon...I'd better make that appointment.

Karen's Mom and Dad said...

This is TERRIFIC news! We are so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Great news! You are an inspiration. Are you IgG kappa or lambda? Do your doctors follow your FLC ratio? Is it abnormal?

Anonymous said...


It is always good to come to your blog and see things are good and you have such a positive attitude.
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