Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Things you only see at parades in South Dakota

I was going through photos from the past few years, and I realized that we spend a lot of time going to small-town parades in South Dakota. As much as I enjoy small-town parades in South Dakota, I realized that there are many things that you will only see at small-town parades in South Dakota and nowhere else in the world. 

I mean, I hope I never see this anywhere else:

Yes, you really saw this.
This is supposed to be a chicken:

Want some candy, little girl?
Here he is (a few years later), dancing on a float. Notice there is another chicken walking in the background. I believe there were several others, and that they plan to band together and take over the planet.

Someone in an inflatable pizza costume:

And finally, a dancing bear. You can't tell from this photo, but the bear is wearing a cape:

I actually have an amazing video of the dancing bear, taken by my sister-in-law, but I couldn't get it to upload. Once I figure it out, though, do you think it's going right on my blog? You bet! Does a bear dance in the woods?


Terrij said...

Wasn't Dancing Bear on Captain Kangaroo back in the day?

Ginny Marie said...

I used to live in a small town, where the best pizza was at Casey's. People here in the city don't believe me when I tell them I used to buy pizza at a gas station!