Thursday, May 02, 2013

Day One: Thirty-two days of blogging

First of all, my M-spike remained the same this month at 1.5, which means the Revlimid is still succeeding at kicking some M-spike butt.

Ha ha ha, M-spike! I am laughing at you!

Second of all, I know I have not blogged in a super long time. It's been 32 days, to be exact. I don't have a good excuse at all. I continued to put off the blog, and then tons and tons of people (or, to be more exact, two people) asked about it. Today I decided I needed to start it back up again. To make up for all of the days I missed, I have decided to punish challenge myself with a 32 Day Blogathon. I will post to the blog every day for 32 days in a row. For 32 days, I will push myself to come up with something fun and witty and informative, unless, of course, I get really lazy and decide to post a New Kids on the Block video. We all need to rest sometime, right?


Anonymous said...

Hi - Glad you are back and holding steady. I read your whole blog over the weekend. It took many hours of a beautiful Minneapolis weekend. I wanted to see your initial "numbers" and what has happened over the years. I'm in month 7 of a clinical trial for SMM. My M-spike started at 3.3 but is now down to a paltry .97. I think Bon Jovi would need to be in a parka to display a number that low.

I'm going to list the complete name of the clinical trial in hopes that some of your followers might be fellow travelers. There aren't that many people in the trial but I haven't been able to locate a single soul.

ECOG E3A06: Randomized Phase III Trial of Lenalidomide versus Observation Alone in Patients with Asymptomatic High-Risk Smoldering Multiple Myeloma

That sounds so much worse than it actually is. I told my kids that SMM is like the Elmo of cancer. The study is to make sure it doesn't turn into Godzilla.

Looking forward to your updates!

Shell's Cells

lrkoller said...

Well, I like to keep up with what is happening with you and your family and your M-Spike. Blogging once a week without fail would be better I think, than having a burst of blogs and then not posting for a month. Nice to hear from you again.

Karen's mom said...

Way to go on maintaining a low m-spike!! The next 32 days will be lots of fun for the tons of people who can't wait to see what you'll write. Glad you're back : )

Diane said...

Yay for stable m-spike and yay for 32 days in a row of blogging!

You were missed.