Monday, February 04, 2013

Sleepy Spike

Finally, here's an update on my M-spike. I forgot to post my results last month, so I thought I'd just wait until I got the results for this month. I just talked to the nurse today, and my M-spike is still stable: It's been 1.4 for two months in a row! I've been on the reduced dose (15 mg) of Revlimid since November, and Spike is still sleeping peacefully in there. Here's Bon Jovi doing an impression of my M-spike.

Shhhh! Don't wake him!


Karen's Mom said...

GREAT NEWS!! The sleepy Bon Jovi does look a-door-able. Have you by any chance discovered that running is good maintenance for multiple myeloma?

Carole Leigh said...

That is just great news! "Sleepy" M-spikes are a good thing! Keep up the good work!
Carole Leigh

(Compelled Clarity )