Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Dude, where's my hemoglobin?

Do you ever get news, and the only word you can think to say is, "Dude"? "Dude" can apply to just about anything -- good news, bad news, strange news, and the fact that my already insanely high hemoglobin is even higher than last month. Dude.

You'll notice that my white count is lower than it normally is. I asked the nurse practitioner what she thought about reducing my dose of Revlimid to 15 mg. I've been on the 20 mg for close to two years, and I was on 25 mg for about six months before that. She thought that was OK, and she went to check with Dr. GPO. Dr. GPO stopped by to tell me that 15 mg was fine with him, and that I'm the first myeloma patient of his to ever run a half-marathon.



Unknown said...

Karen, I'm not a doctor and I certainly would never want to unnecessarily alarm you. That said, your ANC would likely qualify as neutropenia, which is something to take seriously. Did you discuss that with the NP? Best wishes and good health to you.

Karen said...

Thanks for the comment, Bryan. I know my neutrophils are really low, but the NP and Dr. GPO are still comfortable with me being at this level. I've been here before in the past. I know everyone is different, though. The lower level of Rev should help.