Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I am Iron Woman!

Yesterday my hemoglobin was the highest I've ever, ever seen it since I became obsessed with my hemoglobin seven years ago. Proof: And it wasn't until I got home from the doctor that it dawned on me: My hemoglobin is 13.1 just days before I'll be running 13. 1 miles in my first half-marathon. This has to be a good omen. Even my red blood cells are ready to run.


Keith said...

That is really great! To have your tests and run a 13.1 marathon in relatively the same time....Congratulations!

Sandy said...

Intending you are finishing the marathon in a timely way... not 13.1 hours, PULEEZ! Good you and your cells are ready to go!

linda said...

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