Monday, July 16, 2012

It's not you. It's me.

My doctor at the Mayo Clinic broke up with me.

I loved Dr. H! She was the greatest doctor ever. We'd been together for over six years. We'd been through all kinds of ups and downs, through stem-cell harvests and bone-marrow biopsies and giant jugs of my pee. It was magical.

Then, a few months ago, I got a letter from her that said she's participating in a study at the hospital and won't be seeing patients in the clinic anymore so I'd need to switch doctors. Just like that, it was over between us.

That's it? You're leaving me for "a study"? Is the study is younger and better-looking than I am? That study will never love you like I did, Dr. H! I gave you my blood! My blood! Did that mean nothing?

Well, it took about an hour or so, but I finally started feeling like I could get back out there and start seeing other doctors again. I asked around the myeloma support group on Facebook, and a bunch of people told me they knew a doctor, Dr. L, who would be perfect for me. I nervously got on the phone and called Mayo and asked if I could get together with Dr. L. They said yes. I'll be meeting her later this week.

I've heard really good things about Dr. L, so I'm sure she'll be great. I know some of you must be thinking, "Come on! She's just a rebound doctor!", but I believe she could be The One. Still, I will really miss Dr. H. I guess I have to remember that old saying: "It's better to have seen a doctor in the Mayo Clinic Department of Hematology and lost than to never have seen a doctor in the Mayo Clinic Department of Hematology at all."

Or something like that.


Karen's Sister said...

I feel your pain. Danny's last visit to the urologist was kind of awkward when we went to schedule the next appointment. All this weirdness like, "you're nice and all, but..." Then a few days later we get a letter saying his dr is going to Big Major Impressive University medical school to be the head of the pediatric urology program there. It was like wow, we are so small potatoes.

Preferred Customer/ Janice said...

Karen I came across your article, posted by Margaret, on Facebook.
I had my doctor dissapear without notice, after 6 years, and never had a chance to say goodbye. (She and the hospital had a difference of opinion) It was very sudden.
My new doctor is wonderful and it also changed how I was treated slightly, and this was to my advantage. So change can be helpful. I pray for your continued healing. Remember by adding natural things, to the treatments, you do much better.