Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cancer Girl's secret identity ... revealed!!

Exciting news. I posted my first "guest blog" ever! It's for the Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop web site at http://humorwriters.org. If you're a writer or want to be a writer or just want to read some funny posts, it's a good site to visit. I was pretty excited that they accepted my submission. You can go right to the post by clicking here! And you will also see .... me! And find out my real name! It's not Bruce Wayne.

After years of being somewhat undercover, I was a little bit nervous. Plus, when the editor told me to send in a photo of myself, I realized how hard it was to find a photo where

a) I'm actually in the photo because I'm not the person taking the photo
b) I'm in the photo all by myself and not posing with WCK
c) I'm not wearing sunglasses and/or have my hair in a ponytail
d) I'm not pointing joyfully at a box of fudge.

Honestly, I never realized how much I like to pose for photos with boxes of fudge.

In the end, I managed to find a ponytail-less photo where I could crop out WCK. You can see a tiny bit of her hair on my shoulder. I'm hoping I don't look too dorky. Maybe next time I should use a fudge photo.


Deb said...

Your photo looked great, and I didn't even notice any extra hair (or fudge). I can relate. I wanted to post one of a raccoon on my backside, but my daughter insisted on a headshot. Geesh. Kids.

Glad to discover your blog on humorwriters! Good stuff.

Kathy from NJ said...

You thought you were so clever hiding your identity all these years but I've known the truth since almost day one of your blog. I just googled "world's greatest Oz fan" and your name came up first..

Congrats on the humorwriters post. The picture is lovely, your writing is excellent, as always.

Emily said...

You look great and your blog makes me smile!

Elizabeth said...

This is such a great article Karen! I just want you to know how much your blog has helped me over the last few years. I am not always good at coming up with my own funny stories, but you remind me to look for humor with every post and it helps deal with the stress of day to day life. You look younger than I imagined!

Cathy Scibelli said...

I just discovered your blog through the link on the Erma Bombeck blog. Your blog posts are wonderful and you are an inspiration! I was diagnosed with a late stage breast cancer in 2009 and not given great odds, but I'm still here three years later and plugging along. I've also found that writing a blog helps. I had first started a cancer survivor's blog but I found writing only about cancer was too hard emotionally, so now I mix in what it's like to live with the after effects of going through extensive cancer treatments and having a high risk of recurrence with humorous stories. I'm so glad I found your blog, I'll be reading it from now on!

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