Tuesday, May 08, 2012

How Billy Dee Williams embarrassed our child

About a month or so ago, Jay and I saw an article in the newspaper that said Billy Dee Williams was going to be appearing at a comic book convention in the Kansas City area. We did the only thing that rational people can do when faced with such news: Jay threw on his Star Trek uniform and we grabbed our child and jumped in the car.

Jay has owned The Uniform since before we were married, and while he's been threatening to wear it for 14-ish years, he'd never actually done it until now. The Power of Billy Dee is strong.

Here's a photo I took of Billy Dee: 

WCK was less than thrilled that we were dragging her to a comic book convention to see some old guy she'd never heard of and, most of all, that her own father was wearing a Star Trek uniform. My own father used to like to go out of his way to embarrass me in public as a kid, but I think Jay has really raised the bar with the Star Trek uniform. We spent the 45-minute drive teasing WCK that she'd probably run into friends from school at the comic book convention. I should have more empathy for my child, because I remember being horrified by exactly the same thing when I was a kid and my parents forced me to go somewhere lame, such as an Oak Ridge Boys concert. What if I run into someone I know?

Of course, I failed to see the logic here. If they see me at the lame location, then they are also at the lame location and are therefore just as lame as I am. I think I feared that I'd run into some super-cool popular kids who were a) only attending the concert ironically so they could make fun of it and/or b) planted as spies and instructed to report back to the leader of the super-cool popular kids about who was lame enough to show up on a non-spy basis. Perhaps the popular kids had helicopters circling over the Oak Ridge Boys concert to see who went inside. Hey, I was never in the popular crowd. I don't know how they operate or how high their budget is. Anything is possible.

We got out of the car and headed toward the line outside the convention center, and that's when we saw  -- yes -- one of WCK's friends from school! In a giant crowd 45 minutes from where we live, this is the first person we saw. This little girl is only in first grade, so I don't think she was there ironically, but she easily could have been a spy. You can imagine how horrifying it is to have one of your friends see your dad walking around in public in a Star Trek uniform. A few minutes later, I took a photo of WCK standing next to Jay. She looks extremely ticked off, like she's making plans to run away and/or find a good therapist later in life.

It was a really fun day.

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Elizabeth said...

Since my brother had his own personalized star wars uniform and would wear it at the most inopportune moments during my teen years... I know the agony of which you speak! Poor WCK. I am sure the classmate was a spy!