Sunday, May 06, 2012


During the time that my blogging was on hiatus, I made a couple of crazy decisions.

Crazy Decision Number One:

About a month ago, Jay and I had this brilliant idea that he would run the Kansas City Marathon, and I'd run the half-marathon. Were we drunk?* We got all psyched up and then signed up. Two seconds after registering, we were all, "Whaaaaaaaat? We did whaaaaaaaaaat? Were we drunk?**"

The marathon/half-marathon is not until the fall, so in theory -- in theory -- I should have way, way more than enough time to train for a half-marathon. On a good day, I can already run eight miles without stopping, which takes me about 90 minutes. (I never said that I run fast.) I figured out that a half-marathon would take me another hour. That's two and a half hours of running. I don't even like to sit through a movie that's two and a half hours long.

Anyway, I'm a little nervous about the summer, because last summer WCK and I spent a lot of time  watching Tom and Jerry cartoons and hanging out at Yogurtini and my running fell by the wayside. But it will be totally different this summer, I'm sure.

Here are my running shoes, all ready to go:

* No! We were not!
** We really weren't!

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