Sunday, November 06, 2011

That girl's a runnin' fool

This morning I ran my first 10k. It went very well, in that I still felt fairly OK at the end and didn't feel like falling down and dying. "Not falling down and dying" was my main 10k goal. I didn't even feel like throwing up. "Not throwing up" was my second goal. Although I didn't have the fastest time in the world, I did not have to stop to walk, and I did not come in last. I swear there were still a few people behind me! Yes!

I think one of the best parts about running a race is the free t-shirt. It's a nice, obnoxious-yet-subtle way to tell everyone, "Yes, I ran a race." You get to wear it casually to the grocery store or wherever and hope you run into someone you know. "Oh, this old t-shirt? Yes, I ran a race." I don't understand the people who wear their free race t-shirt to the actual race. You're here! We already know you're running a race! You don't need to impress us! You're getting your obnoxious-yet-subtle piece of advertising all sweaty and gross! Because, really, the very best part of running a race is coming home, taking a shower, and then putting on your nice, clean, comfortable race t-shirt and wearing it for the rest of the day and feeling all cozy and satisfied that you ran the race. I'm wearing mine right now. Ahh. I think I need to go to the grocery store.


Team S said...

I put on a race t-shirt to run to the store last night! I thought it would counteract the beer and chips I bought.

Jen said...

Nice work! I'm always impressed by people who wear race shirts.

Stephen Greene said...

I went to a small college and we played small football, but I had one of those grey athletic t shirts with our teams logo across the chest and it held a lot of strong memories for me, even though I think we may have one a single game that season. Actually as I think back, I dislocated my knee in the first game and was out for the season.

Whatever... I loved that shirt and would often come home from work, remove my shirt and tie and throw on the tshirt. After nine years, it had holes on one shoulder and over my ribs on the right side. Bon Jovi might have made it happen, but in my case, only I saw and felt the special beauty of my prize shirt.

One Saturday morniing I was up early to do some work in the yard and looked all over for the shirt. I asked my wife if she had seen it and from her instant choking reaction, I got a sudden sinking feeling which was confirmed when she told me to look in the rag collection under the kichen counter where we kept our rag bucket.

It was there and had been torn into three sections. I was so mad that I actually sewed it back together by hand, not knowing how to use her sewing machine, and I wore it all day. Even with her to the supermarket. She thought I'd stay in the car so was totally embarrassed as I followed her around the store yelling loudly, 'Honey, do we need more marshmallows?' And the like.

She never trashed my belongings again. As she said, 'Imagine what he might do if I thew his old jeans into the rag bucket.

Sandy said...

Shortly before my 65th birthday I ran my first 5K... I think I ran it because both my daughters were runners and I just felt I couldn't die without experiencing the sport they both love. It's not my thing at all, but I was proud that I did it and I didn't finish last in my age group which was even better.
I got home ready to put on the t-shirt and discovered they'd given me the teen 14!!!! Drat. But I stuck the four-digit number on my refrigerator so people could ask me what that was about... (off-handedly I'd say) "Oh, that's just a little race I ran in..."
Awfully proud of you for running so far!