Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Whenever I bring WCK home from her monthly Girl Scout meeting, I also bring home one of her good friends who lives near us, and who has been WCK's friend since they were both babies. The first time I picked them up and asked them, "What did you do at the meeting today?" they both thought it was hilarious to come up with outlandish Girl Scout activities to tell me about. They rode on purple elephants and giraffes. They jumped in a bouncy castle. The Girl Scout leader brought in a giant merry-go-round!

Now, every time I drive them home, they see what they can come up with. I always pretend to believe them, which they find even more hilarious.

Yesterday, WCK's friend told me that the whole troop went on a field trip to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun. "And we rode on the really, really big roller coaster!"

Then I heard WCK whispering in the back seat. "Hey, I don't want to go on the big roller coaster! I get carsick!"

Even in her wildest fantasies, WCK is still cautious.


Stephen Greene said...

Funny and cute... Brings back great memories. I was taking my son, Will, and two of his buddies, Johnny and Topher, to the movies one Saturday afternoon. They were no more than ten at the time, all three sitting side by side across the rear seat. I had learned that if I was quiet, they would forget I was there and the conversations would become entertaining and occasionally educational.

At some point the conversation turned to Skittles, the candy, and all three seemed to have a positive opinion. Will's approval was conditional, however, as he had for some reason studied the list of ingredients on the back of the colorful little Skittles bag.

"The only thing is," he said matter-of-factly, ' they use red dye number 13 to make the red and orange ones, and red dye number 13 messes up your sperm account."

I managed not to butt in and the conversation slid easily into the morning's soccer game. Will is 23 now, but my memory of that special moment is as vivid as if it took place earlier today.

How great is that???

Motherhood Mayhem said...

That is hilarious - I wondered where the stories were coming from!

Sandy said...

Love these stories... wonderful reminders of my youth and then that of my own children. When my middle child was two, she went with me to take my 4-year old to pre-school. She hated not having her sister around for those few hours and I was having trouble potty-training her.

On this morning when we went to sign the older girl in, K was left to wander about (it was a secure place to do that) and the aides were putting out the first snack of the day - apple juice and crackers.

After getting L signed in, I was approached by one of the aides and the head of the pre-school. K had methodically gone to every place where there was juice and crackers and consumed every single one!

K threw a temper tantrum at being removed from this place of largesse and her sister. In conference the pre-school teacher suggested that when K was potty- trained, she could come for the early session as well.

On the ride home, I told K she would have to stop having di-di's in order to go to the school and wear Big Girl panties. There was silence from the back seat.

When her dad arrived home, he asked K what she did for the day. She shouted out, "De bumptity is ahwl wipped up to goo, K dwink appy jew n no poo in di-di's!!" triumphantly.

Translation: "The road to the pre-school was all ripped up - under construction; I drank all the apple juice and managed to ask to go to the potty."

From that day forward she didn't use a diaper, even at night, and the following week I enrolled her in the pre-school where she did learn to limit her apple juice imbibing to her own cup. She just turned 42 and hates for me to tell this story!!! Of course this makes perfect sense since she is the VP of a rather important company now.