Friday, September 09, 2011

All right, all right, ALL RIGHT!

All of my many readers (OK, like, two people) started giving me a bad time about slacking off on the blog. As always, I don't have a good excuse, other than the fact that I'm a big slacker. We've been having a good August/early September around here. WCK was a flower girl in a wedding and she started first grade. I'm not sure how that happened; about two seconds ago she weighed seven pounds and was confused by her own hands.

Anyway, I'm such a big slacker that I didn't even post my test results last month. I'm glad to say that my white cells returned to normal (well, "normal" for me, low for a "normal" person), so I was allowed to go back on the regular Revlimid schedule without any more extra weeks off. My M-spike remained stable. This month, the white cells are still good and Spike is down to 2.2! Woo! It's time for a respectable jacket and tie:


Anonymous said...

Glad you are back!

Cassie said...

How did WCK do in the wedding? My favorite weddings are those that have children involved. Did she love it?

Great news on the myeloma front! Woot!

Karen's Mom said...

So happy for you at 2.2!! Jon is handsome in his coat and tie and I think it's just fine if he dresses up to celebrate for you.

Elizabeth said...

Such great news! It is always so good to read your posts and I am so happy your numbers are down!