Friday, July 08, 2011

In the potty

M-spike is stable at 2.4. Last month it was 2.3, the month before it was 2.4, and now it's 2.4 again. That's very stable. My white cells, however, decided to take a nosedive. When Jay asked how my appointment went, I said, "Well, my white cells are in the toilet."

WCK didn't know what to make of this statement. "YOUR WHITE CELLS ARE IN THE POTTY????" she said.

Yes. My white cells are in the potty. I'm taking two weeks off the Revlimid this month to help them recover and drag themselves out of the potty. It makes me a little nervous, because the last time I had to take two weeks off, it was the start of the Great M-Spike Uprising of 2010. We all remember how fun that was.

I'm sure it'll be fine, though. Just nobody sneeze on me or anything.

I decided to post a picture of Bon Jovi in a bright white t-shirt to encourage those white cells.


Sandy said...

I will be intending that the white cells get out of any place they shouldn't be and esp. since that photo of Bon Jovi would motivate me! Also, have you considered adding curcumin to your intake? Read Margaret's blog for more details...

Anonymous said...

Can you get Leukin (from Bayer) ?

Anonymous said...

Great news on being stable (well reasonably I'm not putting NKOTBSB into that category) and I really need to find out what washing powder was used on Jon's T-shirt - that is WHITE! ;D