Monday, March 21, 2011


As you might recall, we had a pet betta fish about a year ago. His name was Jimmy John. He lived for two glorious months until I found him face-down in his gravel one morning just before Easter. We wrapped him in a paper-towel shroud and buried him in the yard. So great was WCK's grieving that she waited, oh, a good five or ten minutes before asking, "Can we get another fish now?" all day, every day for nearly a year.

I finally gave in a couple of weeks ago. We got a new betta fish named Sam (Sam isn't as good of a name as Jimmy John, but then, what is?). I had a very specific strategy in adopting Sam in early March: I figured that, with our track record, he'd pass away before we go away on our summer vacation, thus eliminating the need for us to find a fish-sitter. I'm lazy that way.

Of course, I would hate if Sam died right away. I'm lazy, but I'm not evil. I realized that Sam hit an important milestone over the weekend. The teenage kid in the fish section at PetSmart told me that all fish come with a 14-day guarantee. We've now had Sam so long that if he dies now, we won't get our money back. Keep up the great work, Sam!


Emily said...

I thought the same thing about the fish my son got for his 5th birthday. My son turned 10 years old last month and we still have that same dang fish. I didn't even know goldfish LIVED that long!

Karen's mom said...

I like the name Sam. Remember when Liz said that Nora's first fish was Subway because she confused it with Jimmie John? Maybe Liz will say Sam's name is Costco... : )

Karen's sister-in-law said...

Did Jay ever tell you about "Goldie the Goldfish"? We had him when we were little. He lived something like 10 years. He must have had some amazing fish food or something. Heh Heh!

tim's wife said...

Oh Gosh. We went from 4 to one fish who I swear had the tenacity of Methuselah(sp?) We lost the dog and still had to have folks come to feed the fish as I noticed those fish feeders didn't always disintegrate like they're supposed to. My sister set off our house alarm while we were in VA and drove our neighbors nuts till she could get through to me after messing up the alarm code and almost being surrounded by cops. The fish FINALLY died, of course right after I spent money on a new filter pump, etc. I will never get another. My mom puts her beta bowl in a kitchen bucket and puts it on the floor of the car taking it to Cape May with us every year. The bowl water swishes around for the 3 hour drive but I guess fish don't get seasick. :o)