Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chocolate cake

Yesterday I did a couple of nice things for WCK. First, I told her that I'd signed her up for an actual paleontological dig at a woolly mammoth fossil site that we'll visit during our summer vacation in South Dakota. (OK, so it's a one-hour program for kids where they get to sit in the dirt and pretend to dig for bones, but it sounds really impressive.)

She thought that was the most exciting thing to happen all day, until she found out about the other nice thing I'd done: I bought her some new crayons. New crayons are really exciting. They have nice pointy tips and everything. After the shock of the new crayons wore off, she composed a song for me:

"This is the Mom Song!
Because Mom is great!
Mom is better than chocolate cake!"

I'd better save this to show her when she's 15 and thinks everything I do is lame.

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Jay's mom said...

New crayons top my list of favorites! I was using some at school the other day and the kids were so excited when I shared with them.