Sunday, February 13, 2011

Surprise! (Sort of.)

WCK had Friday off from school because of teacher meetings. About a month or so ago, Jay and I decided to take her to the Great Wolf Lodge on Thursday night and Friday, but we kept it a complete secret so it would be a big surprise. We last went there a year ago, and WCK had been asking us, pretty much on a daily basis, when we were going to go back again. So we planned the whole trip but did not breathe a word. On Wednesday night, I did tell her that we'd have a big surprise for her after school the next day, but that's all I would say.

"Is it a bunch of pennies?" she asked. "Is it ... a new pair of underwear?"

Wow. We could have saved a ton of money.

I refused to reveal the secret. I imagined her complete shock and surprise when we told her. Never in her wildest dreams would she ever have thought that we'd be going to the Great Wolf Lodge! When WCK walked out of school on Thursday and saw that Jay had come with me to pick her up, we were busted.

"We're going to the Great Wolf Lodge, aren't we?" she said.

What? How did she do that? She needs to buy a van so she can drive around solving mysteries.

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