Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spankin' accomplished.

Let's review: Last month, my M-spike decided to get a little crazy, and Dr. GPO called me and said the myeloma just needed to be spanked a little bit harder. He gave me the option of upping my Revlimid dose or starting dex. I chose to up my dose of Revlimid to 20 mg to see what would happen.

The results are in, and the M-spike has been spanked. I repeat, the M-spike has been spanked. It went from 3.3 to 2.7.

HAHAHA, M-spike!! You like that?? Do not mess with me, M-spike! I will spank you hard! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

The bad news is that Bon Jovi gets to put a shirt back on:


Karen's mom said...

So absolutely wonderful that your M-Spike has been M-Spanked! Keep up the good work and tell Bon Jovi "Keep your shirt on!"

Jay's mom said...

Good news! Time to celebrate! The weather is getting warmer and your M-Spike is melting away.

Sandy said...

Between M-spankin' and dressing up the Bon-Jovi doll, you are keeping the M-onster away and I align with your intentions to keep the M-spike under control.

Tina said...

Woo hoo! (Both the M-spike spanking and Bon Jovi, in whatever stage of dress.)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure we'll all get over (and used to) Jon Bon putting more clothes on. :D