Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The B-Word

The other day, I had cafeteria duty at WCK's school. When you're the parent assigned to cafeteria duty, you help the kids open their pudding cups and ketchup packets, and then you mostly just stand around to make sure nobody throws Tator Tots or burns down the building. So there I was, watching for Tator Tots, keeping myself on high alert for a pudding-cup emergency, when some kindergartners waved me over to their table.

"So-and-so said the B-Word!" one of them informed me.

I had absolutely no idea how to respond to this, but before I could, another kindergartner chimed in.

"What's the B-Word?" he asked.

"Um," I said, "I, um, don't know."

I was trying to convey complete innocence. Is there a bad word that starts with B? I've never heard of one. Nope. Not a one.

"I know what it is!" exclaimed kindergartner #3, and my heart nearly stopped. "It's B-U-T-T!!"

Oh. That B-Word. That's one I can handle. That word comes up about 5,000 times a day at our house, because WCK thinks the word "butt" is hilarious. And, believe it or not, "butt" has worked to my advantage. She used to delay going to bed because she said she was "scared of monsters." Finally, I told her that if a monster ever tried to get into our house, I would kick it in the butt. Yes, I said "butt" out loud. Apparently, this was the most hilarious thing ever to come out of my mouth. No more fear of monsters.

One day, though, WCK was going a little crazy with the B-Word, and I told her to please stop saying the word "butt".

She smiled and said, "BUT ... I love you!"


WCK's Grandma Marty said...

WCK is just CUTE as a BUTTon!

MAYASBOY said...

Ahh the innocents of youth. A few round trips on the school bus will start to change that, then again they are only words. WCK sounds like a pistol as they used to say back in New England.

I'm very new to this blogging thing. I enjoy writing. I was diagnosed 7/2008, and am doing well. 2005 makes me feel like the new guy. I have 2 blogs but I can't find them, they are under Mayasboy. Named after my 10yo choc lab, named Maya of course.

Today is special. We are going to get a new kitty after Ajax peacefully passed to the great beyond Thursday evening. I found Ajax our cat, near death in the woods 12 years ago and brought her (yes her)home. We don't have a history of waiting long between adopting critters. If I ever find my blog page, look for a pic of our newest addition. My daughter Taylor should be able to locate it for me.