Monday, January 24, 2011

Somebody wants a spankin'

I found out last week that my M-spike, quite unexpectedly, decided to freak out. It pretty much went crazy, stripped off all of its clothes, and went running naked through the neighborhood, hooting at passers by while chugging beer. In other words, it went up to 3.3.

Yeah. What the fudge?*

*"Fudge" is not the actual word I used.

I spent the whole weekend psyching myself up for the dexamethasone prescription that I knew I'd get today. Honestly, I wanted some dex. I can't allow my M-spike to run around naked.

This afternoon, Dr. GPO called me himself. (Himself! I got in to see the wizard!) He said that all of my other numbers are perfect -- things like albumin, beta-2, kidney function, and so on -- so this is not an emergency, and we still have some room to mess around with the Revlimid dose. We've been messing with the dose and the medication schedule the past two cycles because of low white counts. Apparently 25 mg is too high, because it lowers my white count, and 15 mg is too low, because it raises my M-spike, and taking an extra week off per cycle doesn't help matters at all. Dr. GPO gave me two choices: Take dex, or move the Rev up to 20 mg for one cycle to see what happens. I selected the 20 mg of Rev option.

If that doesn't work, I'll take dex after this cycle. And that's fine. Dex is not my friend, but letting my myeloma careen out of control is less of my friend.

Dr. GPO was not at all worried, though. "Your myeloma is just talking to us," he said. "It's talking, and it's saying, 'You just need to spank me a little harder!'"

I'm going to be laughing about that for days, if not for the rest of my life. M-spike, get ready for a spankin'.

On the up side, at least we all get to look at this again for a while:


Anonymous said...

Rooting for you and the revlimid all the way from Oregon.

Karen's mom said...

Hope 20's the magic number! So glad to hear that all your other numbers are perfect. Pretty cool when you get to talk to a real doctor on the phone. Just shows you're special : )

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you mentioned to it enough times that if it's still there in the summer it's going to the NKOTB thing! ;D

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