Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow emergency

WCK is back at school after two snow days in a row. These were the first snow days of the school year, and I have to admit that the first snow day was pretty fun. We played about 100 games of Go Fish, plus multiple rounds of every board game that WCK owns (and the child has a lot of board games). We played in the snow, drank hot cocoa and ate Girl Scout cookies, read books, and watched a lot of Max & Ruby. It was a good time.

By late morning on Day Two, however, I was starting to get a little wild-eyed. I wasn't sure how much more Go Fish I could take. I was running out of things to do, and the situation was looking grim. Suddenly, I knew. It was time. I had to break out something I had saved for decades -- decades, people -- for an emergency such as this one.

I present to you ... The Emergency Jigsaw Puzzle:

Now, I have no idea where this came from originally. About a year or so ago, my parents found it in their house and for some odd reason assumed it belonged to me. For some other odd reason, they also wanted it out of their home. I don't remember buying it or getting it as a gift, but, yeah, I guess it's probably mine. The box was still sealed. I wasn't sure what to do with it, so I stuck it in the storage area in the basement and walked away. This puzzle had been untouched for at least twenty years until I sliced open the box yesterday.

WCK was amazed that they even make puzzles with FIVE HUNDRED PIECES, and she was pretty enthusiastic about the new project. It sparked lots of interesting conversation, such as, "Mommy! I found Danny's ear!" We got in about an hour on it before she realized it was "boring" and wanted to go upstairs and build a tent. So we built a tent, crawled inside, and ... played Go Fish.

Here's how far we got. I will update if we make any more progress:

Just some observations:

1) It must have been a really long day of jigsaw-puzzle-photo shooting, because all of them, except for Joe, look pretty irritated. Donnie looks hungover. Maybe they were out all night the night before celebrating their big multi-million-dollar jigsaw-puzzle deal. Except Joe, who was underage.

2) Is it a little scary that I can look at a puzzle piece that has, say, half an eyeball on it, and immediately identify which member of New Kids on the Block it belongs to? Don't answer that.


Sandy said...

You are an amazing mom... on so many levels! WCK is a lucky girl!

Karen's Mom said...

I'd say you got a LOT done! Nora has a pretty long attention span for 5 and a half. Both of her great-grandmas Helen and Gwyn, the jigsaw queens, would be proud of her!

Abigail said...

Jigsaws + NKOTB = Perfection. I am now going to have to go and buy my own on ebay. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

2) okay I won't! :O