Monday, November 01, 2010

Mmm ... tapeworm sandwiches!

For at least a year now, WCK has been completely obsessed with tapeworms. (Read this old post if you would like some kind of an explanation, but really, there is no good explanation.) Every year on Halloween, I like to make some kind of fun Halloween meal -- mummy pizzas, mummy hot dogs, carrots that look like witch fingers, things like that. When I was looking for ideas for this year's meal, I came across a recipe for "Tapeworm Sandwiches", and I knew they would be an enormous hit at our house.

Well, almost. Jay fixed his own meal and did not eat a Tapeworm Sandwich. I don't know why:

I cut hot dogs into strips and boiled them until they got curly and worm-like, and then served them on a bun. I then got out the ketchup and asked WCK if she would like some bloooooooood on her tapeworm sandwich, and of course she did. I also had bloooooood and some mustard, but I wasn't sure what the mustard should be.


Ah. Tapeworm sandwiches with bloooood and spooky goblin slime. Delicious.


Anonymous said...

A RECIPE for tapeworm sandwiches!

And from the 'old post' - I guess the Sunday School teacher may still be in therapy and that's why you haven't heard anything! :D

Anonymous said...

You needed a gross button on this one. LOL