Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dairy Duty

Yesterday, I had "Dairy Duty." What is Dairy Duty? It's a volunteer position at WCK's school. The volunteer stands in front of the milk cooler at lunch time and passes out milk to all of the kids as they pass by. It's very demanding work.

This was my first time on Dairy Duty, and WCK was pretty excited that I was going to be there. She kept explaining what I needed to do. "You stand there, and you say, 'White or chocolate? White or chocolate?'"

I told her, "I think I'll say, 'Hello, ma'am! Would you like white milk or chocolate milk today?'"

WCK looked stricken.

"No, no, no! Don't say that extra stuff! Just say, 'White or chocolate'!"

Wow, how embarrassing to have a mom who won't stick to the Dairy Duty script! WCK would never live it down. She'd be in eighth grade, and kids would still be saying, "Hey, WCK! Remember the time in kindergarten when your mom didn't say, 'White or chocolate?' Ha ha ha!"

So I didn't say the extra stuff, and WCK still let me give her a hug and a kiss in the middle of the cafeteria when I saw her. At least I haven't become that lame. Yet.

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