Monday, November 08, 2010

Cool running

I'm planning to run a 5k in a few weeks. Technically, I haven't signed up for the 5k, but I've told everyone I know that I definitely do plan to hopefully maybe definitely maybe sign up, so that's the same as signing up, right?

The race course is in a park, so this morning I went there to try it out. I figured that once I was done with my practice run, I'd be writing a blog post about how I'd collapsed, how I'd never make it through the actual race, and how I hoped the other runners on race day would be nice enough to gingerly step over my corpse, or at least kick it out of the way so it didn't trip anyone.

It turned out that ... I did great! I had my upbeat running playlist on my iPod, and I flew on winged feet all the way through the course. I didn't stop to walk once! When I finished, I felt like I could keep on running! I checked my watch, and my time was excellent!

Weirdly excellent. Suspiciously excellent. Physically impossible excellent.

After returning home and carefully studying the map of the course, I realized that I'd started and finished in the wrong place, and I'd missed out on at least a mile or more of the actual course. Oh.

I'll have to try it again in a few days, and I'll probably be writing that corpse-themed blog entry then.


Ladyaero said...

Run, Cancer Girl, Run! I'm delurking in honor of the 5K that you are signing up for! I consider myself a baby-beginner runner, but it has helped keep me sane since my Hubbie's MM diagnosis in June. Just ran my first ever 6 mi without walking yesterday...really don't ever want to do that again, though...back to 5ks for me. :-) Enjoy being out there in the park, enjoy feeling your own strength and enjoy those 3.1 mi of "me time"!

Abigail said...

Ooh, if you want to try it out next Monday I can come with you and we can collapse together. Or one of us can collapse and the other can call for help. Yes, that's a better plan.