Sunday, November 28, 2010


I was going to call this post "Happy Cancer-versary!" but "happy" doesn't seem like the right word. I mean, nobody sends you cards or bakes you a cake on your cancer-versary. I'm not really sure what the right word would be. I'm not one of those cancer patients who is all deep and profound and wise. All I can think of writing is, "Five years. Still alive. That's cool."

So: Five years. Still alive. That's cool.


Anonymous said...

Well the first time I encountered an anniversary of this type, I think on Roobeedoo's blog, I hesitated over the happy and then I thought, it is happy because Ruth's FL was still there to celebrate.

Sure we'd all like to jump ship onto the non-myeloma cruise but since we're stuck here on the highs and lows of the myeloma seas -

HAPPY CANCER-VERSARY! And many, many more! xx

Tina said...

I echo that sentiment: Happy cancer-versary and many more. You are still here to mark the date, so that makes it happy.

Every day and every year is a gift. And I think you SHOULD have cake.

Lori said...

Congratulations, on reaching your five year mark. That is fabulous. I would be telling the world. It can be done!
I think we should always celebrate, I celebrated 1 year post stem cell transplant by going to Disney World. When I booked the trip I did not realize the importance of the day. It became an event to celebrate. I went with two friends and loved it. On Sept. 30, the day, we went to Magic Kingdom. I wore my Cancer Sucks tee shirt. I had lots of response to it. I did not realize until then that they were running a marathon that day to support leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma patients and research.
One woman approached me and asked if she could give me a hug. She had heard about me and my story from another woman in the park and had sought me out. She had run the marathon in memory of her Mom who had passed one year to the day, from myeloma. She needed to physically touch someone who had something to celebrate with myeloma. We were both crying during the hug.
I return home and received a call from my oncologist to tell me that I have relapsed. It is a slow relapse but the ugly old myeloma has reared it's head again.
So, you see, it is a good thing to celebrate when one can, because one never knows ...
I might have cancer, but cancer does not have me ... the fight is on!

Ladyaero said...

So *very* cool.

Cassie said...

Happy Cancer-versary, indeed. (Is there ever a reason to NOT have cake?)

Anonymous said...

Hope you're going for at least 55!

Karen's Mom said...

That Anonymous was me - I apologize for getting way behind on reading but I'm having a GREAT time catching up : )