Sunday, November 07, 2010

Arrr, matey!

Today was the annual Holiday Gift Mart at church. WCK's favorite part of the gift mart is the children's store. I think I posted about the children's store last year: Only kids are allowed inside, so that they can secretly shop for their parents. You send your kid into the room with a fistful of money and then lurk around the door, trying not to look inside. The kids choose from a bunch of inexpensive gifts that people have donated (WCK, always a smart shopper, only spent $1.50 total on gifts for Jay and me). Volunteers help the kids wrap the gifts, and then then they reappear with their packages, all ready for Christmas morning! Yay!

Or maybe not. The downside of the children's store is that it's held on Nov. 7, which is light years from Christmas morning. WCK always makes us open our gifts as soon as we get home.

This year, she got me a very cute little heart-shaped jewelry box with flowers on it. I asked her what I should keep in it.

"Oh, you know, some jewelries, or, really, anything you'd keep in your treasure chest if you were a pirate."

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Anonymous said...

I love this idea - the things some kids must pick out for their parents! Now wait WCK picked something for your pirate treasure - has she seen you shoplifting? ;D