Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm number one!

Here's another thing Dr. GPO told me yesterday: He said that he has 14 myeloma patients right now, and I'm the healthiest one out of all of them. Now, I have no idea who the other myeloma patients are, or how he is judging "healthy", or if this is even true, but it's always nice to have someone claim that you're the best at something, right? So I'm feeling pretty good about this.

I'm finding my new status oddly motivating; in fact, it's what got me to go to the gym this morning. I can't slip from the coveted number-one spot. What if some 25-year-old smoldering MM patient slips in there with a sleek little M-spike, glittering white cells, and high, perky hemoglobin? I refuse to be runner-up. I have to stay on my toes. I'm not getting any younger, you know.


Anonymous said...

Or it could be a sprightly 80 year old that runs marathons! ;D

Don said...

Maybe you are getting younger, in "real" years, if Mr Spike is going down. Mmmm. But, of course, you gotta keep up that gym work.

HOW NICE TO SEE JAY at the Kansas City Marathon! He spotted me and chased after to re-introduce himself, and Sunshine & Sweetpea had a lovely conversation with him too. How odd that we didn't remember that YOU live in KC! Duh.

We loved this marathon, BTW. Everything is (almost) perfect: Especially the course, the volunteers, and thank you for arranging such great weather! Despite the hills, we all had a great race and my finish time was the second fastest this year.

KC is cool.

Kristine said...

When I was able to collect 37 million stem cells in one and a half days, my oncologist and all the nurses called me a "rock star." I reveled in my glory for several days telling all the other patients in the infusion room of my new status until one day I overheard my Dr. through the curtain in the next chair over telling another patient that he was a "rockstar." Now I bet he tells that to all his patients. What a disappointment. My claim to fame was a sham!