Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bulk beer

Today I was buying Jay some beer at Sam's Club. (Yes, I know the fact that Jay asked me to buy him beer in bulk raises some interesting points, but that is not the main point of my story.) I had my wallet at the ready, because I was sure the cashier would ask for I.D. He scanned the beer, and the words, "IS MEMBER OVER AGE 27?" flashed on the cash register display.

The cashier didn't even pause for a tenth of a second before he pounded his finger down on the "yes" key, or whatever it was he pounded to allow me to buy the beer. He didn't need to think. Boop! The beer went through.

OK, seriously, Sam's Club Dude? Seriously? You didn't even need to stop for two seconds to wonder if I was, maybe, 26 and a half?


I don't usually drink beer, but now I think I need some. In bulk.


Kathy from NJ said...

I've never heard of a state where the drinking age is 27 - could your (maybe getting older) eyes have mistaken the 1, as in 21, for a 7?

Karen's mom said...

Next time buy beer at Walmart in Iowa. They card EVERYBODY and I always say, "Go ahead - make my day!" : ) But seriously, they do that to cover every alcohol purchase so there is absolutely no question.

Don said...

I stopped getting peeved about that when I got to about age 50

Anonymous said...

I somehow missed this post - it's the SCT I'm blaming that for a lot recently although soon I might forget to do that even, an example going upstairs for the shopping list and coming back down with the book I'd needed to write the shopping list!

Anyhoo, in light of you wanting to keep being 'number 1 patient' maybe the gym and beauty parlour are not just calling but shouting! ;D

Oh and yay on the teeny M-spike drop - I didn't miss that one! :D

Ohhhh, and 'I' just; realised.. that I can blame the (SCT) for bad punctuation?