Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My crazy grandkids, part II

Once again, I was put in charge of my grandkids, Bear and Bunny Bunny Bun Bun, while their mother, WCK, was at kindergarten. I was a little apprehensive after what happened last time, but they were so nicely dressed that I was sure they'd behave themselves.

Well, it didn't take long after kindergarten drop-off for all heck to break loose. First, they got into the laundry I was folding and threw it everywhere.

Then they decided to inflict psychological torture on the cat.

They tried playing hide-and-seek ... in the crock pot.

Don't even ask me how they got up here.

I'd had enough. Before WCK left for kindergarten, I'd asked her what I should do if her kids were naughty again. She said, "Just call their usual babysitter."
Their usual babysitter? Who is their usual babysitter?
Her name is Lizzie.

As you might imagine, Lizzie is tough. You don't mess with Lizzie. She was a lifesaver. She had them quietly doing chores around the house in no time. Whew.


Confessions of a Mother, Lawyer & Crazy Woman said...

Ok - I am seriously laughing out loud.

A few more comments:

1) Hope WCK's school days are going well, 8 days (!!!!!!!!!!!!) to go here. But who's counting? 2) We have a Lizzy doppleganger at our house! His name is Rexy. Can he get Lizzie's number? I think they'd be cute together.
3) When Bear and Bunny Bun Bun are done Pledging, send them this way. Good help is hard to find. PS I pay in graham crackers, but if they do a good job, I might throw in a fruit roll-up.

WCK's Grandma Marty said...

I think my great-grandchildren are adorable and just as creatively mischievous as their mother and grandmother.

Mesothlelioma Symptoms said...

A child's imagination is truly an amazing thing. There are times I wish I could go back and look at the world the that wonderful optimistic lens.

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