Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You'll have to speak up. There's a ladybug in my ear.

WCK went to a science camp for preschoolers/kindergartners at a nearby elementary school last week. In the past, WCK has been less than enthusiastic when I've suggested any type of lesson or camp, but when I told her there was a science camp available, she perked right up. WCK is very serious about being a scientist when she grows up. She also wants to be a check-out person at the grocery store.

From what I could tell, WCK enjoyed the science camp very much. Five-year-olds aren't big on giving detailed information when you ask for it, but I was able to gather that they learned about seeds and dirt, growing vegetables, the weather, and bugs. Bug Day was her favorite day.

There were about a dozen or so four- to six-year-olds at the camp. The teacher was a young, enthusiastic guy named "Jetpack Jason." I'm not sure of his qualifications, but he wore a white lab coat, so you know he was official. By the end of Bug Day, though, Jetpack Jason looked a little weary.

"GUESS WHAT?" said WCK. "Jetpack Jason brought in REAL LADYBUGS, and (Name of child) thought that he got one of the ladybugs in his ear, and Jetpack Jason had to look for it in his ear, but he couldn't find it."

I'm not sure what Jetpack Jason was getting paid, but I'm sure it wasn't enough.


Sandy said...

Whassthat you say? Huh? Ladybugs are considerably less angst-producing than earwigs - anyone remember that movie? Sounds like a fun camp to me... and hopefully Jetpack enjoyed being the educator.

WCK's Grandma M said...

Has WCK ever seen the "David Rogers Big Bugs" exhibit? It's at Fontenelle Forest where you can see wooden 25 ft. ants, 150 lb. ladybugs and dragonflies with 17 ft. wingspans. Could be an activity for the kids in August. It's outdoors and would depend on the weather. A great intro to watching Honey, I Shrunk the Kids! : )

joven said...

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Stephanie Miller said...

I just discovered this post about science camp. Yeah, I would have loved to be a fly (or ladybug) on the wall there. Jetpack Jason sure had his work cut out for him.