Saturday, July 31, 2010

Disturbing coloring sheet number two

So, Frisky Frog and his two best friends, Rubber Chicken* and Big Bird with Fangs, indulged in some recreational drugs and then went boating. Disaster struck just feet from shore. The frog was the only one who managed to make it back to land, despite the fact that he was still stoned out of his mind. He grabbed the handset of a phone that just happened to be lying in the sand, not noticing that it was not connected to an actual phone.

"Duuuuuude," he whispered into the phone. "Heeey, duuuuuude ...."

Fortunately for Rubber Chicken and Big Bird with Fangs, Rescue Octopus had already slapped on her lucky sunglasses and a fresh coat of lipstick, and was on her way to save the day.

*Many thanks to Tim's Wife for the Rubber Chicken idea.


Team S said...

Your description is 100 times funnier than the picture, which is also pretty funny. At least WCK takes water safety seriously...

Jody said...

does the octopus have a glass of wine in her hand??? so much for a DD