Monday, July 19, 2010

Bad medicine is what I need

For the past month, I've needed to make a decision about my next line of myeloma treatment. Would I return to the Revlimid, or would I enroll in a clinical trial at the Mayo Clinic? In my last post about my choices, I asked myself, "What would Bon Jovi do?"

I know, I know. Nearly every person, at some point in his/her life, reaches a crisis and asks the question, "What would Bon Jovi do?" We've all been there. Bon Jovi rarely answers in ways that one can understand. One day, however, I was listening to my iPod, and I realized, BON JOVI WAS TELLING ME WHAT TO DO. Have you ever listened closely to the song, "Bad Medicine"?

I ain't got a fever got a permanent disease (Exactly. Myeloma is a permanent, incurable disease that I'm going to have to manage over the long haul, so I don't want to move on to the next drug until I've exhausted the first one.)

It'll take more than a doctor to prescribe a remedy (I need to weigh all of the options and make this decision myself)

I got lots of money but it isn't what I need (The fact that the trial drug would be free doesn't really factor in here, since I only have a $20 co-pay for my Rev, and monthly travel expenses to Rochester would be much more.)

Gonna take more than a shot to get this poison out of me (Amen, Mr. Bon Jovi. Amen.)

I got all the symptoms count 'em 1,2,3 (Actually, I don't have any symptoms, other than mild anemia, but I still think we can still consider the previous lyrics messages from the Universe.)

And the rest of the lyrics don't really apply to my situation, but why don't we take a nice dancing break?

First you need
That's what you get for falling in love
Then you bleed
You get a little but it's never enough
On your knees
That's what you get for falling in love
And now this boy's addicted cause your kiss is the drug

Your love is like bad medicine
Bad medicine is what I need
Shake it up, just like bad medicine
There ain't no doctor that can
Cure my disease

Bad, bad medicine
Bad, bad medicine

Anyway. Fully trusting this message embedded in '80s hair band rock, I went to my appointment with Dr. GPO today and told him I wanted to try 25 mg of Rev alone, without the dex. I didn't tell him Bon Jovi told me to do it, but he agreed that was an OK plan, and he thinks I'll get some kind of response from Rev alone. I'll have my blood tested after the first four-week round, and if the Rev isn't doing anything, I'll add in a low dose of dex. Fair enough.

When I got into my car after the appointment, what was on the radio right then? Jon Bon Jovi singing "Blaze of Glory." I cranked it up, but after really listening to the lyrics, I realized it's about how, if you're about to die anyway, you should make sure to die in a really cool way. Hopefully, that one's not a message from the Universe. Bon Jovi moves in mysterious ways.


KCZMA said...

Whatever JBJ was saying, he was still talking to you. THAT is what matters! Seriously, I hope that this course of drugs does what you need it to do, in the manner you need it to do it. Best of luck to you, and may Jon Bon Jovi help you through many more tough choices, for He is the Best!

Anonymous said...

I would listen to Bon Jovi, his plan makes sense.

You make me smile!

Abigail said...

Aw, I'm back at the Sprint Center dancing in my chair with a bunch of old folks again.

Anonymous said...

I saw the title and came over thinking there would be more JBJ pics but noooooooooo!

However I would have bought a front row ticket for the show if you had said to your doc 'Well through the lyrics of Bad Medicine Jon Bon Jovi told me to...' ;D

Karen's Mom said...

Dad and I agree with TK on both comments :) Hope it will be a Dexless endeavor!

Sandy said...

Time to promote JBJ to Doc Bon Jovi, I guess. Actually I do feel that the Universe has its ways of communicating information, and for you, it's WWBJDo? No one should judge your sources and I intend its all working for the good for you!

Laura said...

LOL this was a great, great post. Make me chuckle numerous times... thank you.

-Laura :)

jay's mom said...

The rerun of Rev sounds like a wise choice. With input from JBJ, how can you go wrong? We will keep our fingers crossed for you.