Thursday, June 03, 2010

The countdown is on!

Only two more days before I fly to Chicago to report back to you on exciting new myleoma findings presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting. The IMF already sent me two press releases that are "embargoed". Yes! That means that I have access to SECRET PRESS RELEASES, and I CANNOT TELL ANYONE WHAT IS IN THEM until the embargo lifts. I have never felt so cool in all my life. Perhaps I could post a video blog where I pantomime the press releases and you have to guess what they say. "Rhymes with ... Bevlimid."

Anyway, I wanted to give you plenty of notice about my trip to the ASCO meeting, so that you would know exactly where to go to read the most up-to-date, serious scientific information on myeloma.

And that place would be ... someone else's blog.

But if you want to read the ramblings of an English major attempting to explain scientific facts, then this blog is the place for you. I did take a few required science classes in high school and college, but most of the time I skipped class because I was "on a deadline" for the school newspaper. Being "on a deadline" usually meant that I'd go back to the newspaper office, drink cappuccino, play Tetris, and lament to all of the people around me about how unfair it was that I was getting a bad grade in my science class. Fortunately, all of the people around me were also English majors "on a deadline" who were also skipping their science classes (or math classes, or English classes that were boring, such as Brit Lit), so they'd nod sympathetically and then wrestle away the controls to the Tetris game. As a result, I'm not very good at science, math, Brit Lit, or Tetris. The educational system failed me!

Perhaps I can get a t-shirt made that says, "I am an English major. Please speak slowly."


feresaknit said...

Remember don't mention NKOTB!

What do you mean Brit Lit is boring? No, really! I've never read any myself! ;D

Elizabeth said...

Didn't we skip Brit Lit to drink cappuccinos together? Or maybe that was American Lit. Hmm. Oh well, they were both boring.

Sid said...

Can't wait for the ASCO up dates from a patient.
What about a daily cappucino rating.

Sean Murray said...

Can't wait to read your witty musings from the conference. Travel safely. Represent us non-science minded MMers well.

Bevlimid...Bevlimid - can you give us an easier one? : )