Friday, May 07, 2010

My old nemesis!

As I just told you in my last post, my M-spike is now 3.2. This is exactly what it was back when I was very first diagnosed in 2005. Now I feel like I'm back in familiar territory. I've dealt with good old 3.2 before. I suddenly got this old Far Side cartoon stuck in my head: "So, 3.2! My old nemesis! We meet again! But this time, the advantage is mine! Ha! Ha! Ha!"


Mom said...

Hopefully the plateau means that your little myeloma buddies are pulling for you! And how 'bout that $1,000,000 donation from Jeopardy? Pretty cool!

Jennifer said...

Hi Karen,

I enjoy reading your blog and work with the International Myeloma Foundation. I have a question/ some information to send you. Can you email me at

Best wishes,
Jennifer Anderson

Amc2288 said...

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Firebird said...

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