Thursday, April 29, 2010


One of WCK's favorite TV shows is called Busytown Mysteries, a cartoon featuring the cute animal characters from the Richard Scarry books. The show is on CBS on Saturday mornings, and all of the commercials are infomercial-type commercials. I didn't think WCK paid much attention to the commercials (because I am stupid), until the day she asked me, "Mama, do you ever start out taking a shower (dramatic pause) and wind up taking a bath?"

She was, of course, directly quoting the infomercial for the "Turbo Snake", a commercial that demonstrates in very vivid, graphic detail how the product will clean giant, hairy clogs out of all of your drains. I discovered that WCK is also an expert on "Shoes Under", a shoe-organizing system that slides under your bed. One day when I was having trouble finding a matching pair of socks, WCK informed me that I needed to buy "Shoes Under" so I could organize my socks. "You can also use Shoes Under to organize belts and accessories," she told me soberly.

Don't think that she is easily persuaded to think every single product is great, though. WCK never hesitates to voice her disdain for the "Your Baby Can Read" system. The "Your Baby Can Read" infomercial drives WCK absolutely insane. "THOSE BABIES CAN'T REALLY READ!!!" she'll tell the screen. Most of the time, I have to fast-forward the TiVo through "Your Baby Can Read", because WCK just can't take it.

The one product that interested both of us, however, was The Perfect Brownie Pan. This is a baking pan that has a metal divider in it, so you get 18 thick, perfectly shaped brownies every time. You set the pan on a little metal stand, and the brownies pop right off. WCK and I knew we had to have The Perfect Brownie Pan. Every time the commercial came on, we'd talk about it. Finally, Jay and WCK bought me The Perfect Brownie Pan for my birthday.

I have to tell you: This is the greatest invention in the history of humankind. Sure, indoor plumbing was nice, but it can't beat 18 thick, perfectly shaped brownies. I finally tried out the pan last week, and now I am addicted to it. In the past week, I've made perfect brownies, perfect cornbread, and perfect Rice Krispie treats. I probably don't need all of these baked goods in my life .... or do I? Chocolate has antioxidants, corn is a vegetable, and I found out that a serving of Rice Krispies provides 50 percent of your iron needs for one day. I have to think about my health.


Pateeta said...

You definitely need perfect, sugary baked goods in your house. Now I need to buy the perfect brownie pan. I think I'll try lasagna in it. Lemon bars!

Sean Murray said...

Mmmmmm... you had me at BROWNIES. I seem to remember reading a deeply buried abstract from the Myeloma Consortium, Think Tank and Research Bunker that myeloma is favorably affected by warm, moist brownies and that two of them were doubly advantageous for a favorable outcome. I may be wrong, it may actually be bortezomib and not brownies, but I'd hate to miss an opportunity to get cured. I hafta' get one of those pans, too. You should get a commission! Sean

Elizabeth said...

Chase just discovered Busytown Mysteries and loves it too!

Jen said...

My kids are obsessed with the brownie pan, too. They can't figure out why I keep making brownies in the same boring old pan when a much better pan is available.

Lorna said...

The thing that has me confused is I'm sure I've seen "Busytown Mysteries" too, but my youngest is now 15 so not too sure how! Maybe I've been eating the wrong sort of brownies?