Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An evening with the elderly

Bon Jovi was great -- well worth the 20-something-year wait, and well worth not getting home until 1 a.m.. I think the last time I was out of the house and awake past 1 a.m. was when I was in the hospital giving birth. They did some of their new songs, but they also performed all of their old hits (You Give Love a Bad Name! Bad Medicine! Livin' on a Prayer!!!!). Our seats were a little bit further away from the stage than they were for NKOTB. Fortunately, we had a good view of the whole stage and could see close-ups of everything on big screens, but my photos and videos didn't turn out nearly as well. Here is a brief clip that shows how high up we were. That's either Jon Bon Jovi down there, or a blindingly good-looking ant in tight pants:

One bizarre thing about the concert: When we got to our seats, we were shocked to see that our section was filled with people who looked older than my parents. What? Wouldn't these people have been much too old to enjoy Bon Jovi the first time around? Why were they there? None of them seemed very enthusiastic. Was the Sprint Center offering an AARP discount? I began to have the sinking feeling that maybe ol' Jon Bon is no longer as cool and dangerous as I always thought he was. Then I got to thinking some more, and -- this is a much more plausible explanation -- I started to suspect that my parents are in some kind of Secret Society for the Elderly, and they hired members from the Kansas City chapter to spy on me. Thanks a lot, Mom and Dad! That's really the only logical explanation. We all know that Bon Jovi is still way too cool for the old folks.