Thursday, January 28, 2010

The best of both worlds

We brought our goose indoors on Christmas Eve so that the goose-sized Santa outfit wouldn't get buried in snow during the big Christmas blizzard. I realized that I liked having the goose inside with us, so we've left it right inside the front door. Not only is he/she protected from potential goose thieves, there are more opportunities to dress him/her up every day. Just this morning, I walked past the goose, only to discover the goose had become Hannah Montana. Who did this? I'm not sure.

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Feresa said...

I have to ask because as they say curiosity killed the cat and satisfaction brought it back.

What's with the goose? If I understand rightly

1) You have a goose sized goose ornament outside

2) You dress her/him up as santa at Christmas

3) You bring santa goose so he/she doesn't get cold

4) She/He is now wearing a dress and a wig at the side of the front door as well or instead of santa outfit?

Must give the postman something to talk about!

Good news on the protein level.