Friday, December 25, 2009

Little mother

Like everyone else in the Midwest, we're snowed in. We were originally planning to leave for my parents' house in Iowa today. Now we might leave tomorrow. Or Sunday. Or sometime in late May when this snow finally melts.

Still, we had a nice Christmas. According to the newspaper, it was the first time snow actually fell in Kansas City on Christmas Day in 50 years. Our new goose wore his/her Santa suit for the first time. WCK loved all of her presents from Santa. One present was an interactive baby doll that cries and talks to you, usually to demand things. "I'm hungry!" "I'm tired!" "Play with me, Mommy!" If you don't do what the doll says, it cries more. It's highly realistic. Perhaps if Santa had gained an understanding of just how demanding this doll was, perhaps if Santa had known that this doll actually says, "Uh, oh! I made a stinky!", then Santa might have thought twice about purchasing said doll and would have delivered a silent doll. Santa is clearly insane.

Anyway. Every time the doll would cry, WCK would get very concerned and rush to figure out how to calm it down. Just before bedtime tonight, WCK told me to find the "off" switch on the doll so it wouldn't cry in the night and wake her up. Already, she has her priorities straight as a mother. Real babies should come with a nighttime "off" switch.


Abigail said...


Motherhood Mayhem said...

I second that Amen! My new model definitely didn't come with an on/off button!

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