Friday, November 13, 2009

This post brought to you by the letter F

WCK's preschool class studied the letter F last week. Everyone had a "Family Feet" homework assignment to do. Each family member had to trace one of his or her feet onto a piece of paper, decorate it with eyes, nose, a mouth, etc., and then cut them out and paste them all together onto another piece of paper. As you will see, WCK and I made perfectly respectable Foot People, but Daddy went a little nuts and turned his foot into Batman:

WCK found this hilarious, not necessarily because the foot was Batman, but because it looks like Batman is wearing a diaper. It's a pretty saggy diaper, if you ask me. I found out the other day that the kids take turns telling the other children about their Family Foot Portrait. "I told Noah that Batman was wearing a diaper!!!!" shrieked WCK.

I'm wondering if this will come back to haunt us. I'm imagining all of the other kids going home and announcing to their parents that WCK's daddy wears a diaper.

"No, really," they'll say. "I saw a picture of his diaper at school."

It's a good thing that Jay is Batman, so at least he has the skills to get a good job in another town, and we can just move.

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