Friday, November 27, 2009

Sloth vs. Armadillo

Today we were all fully recovered from our turkey comas, and we went to the Omaha zoo with my mom and dad. It was a great day for the zoo. Because WCK is obsessed with nocturnal animals, her favorite exhibit was "Kingdoms of the Night", which is an exhibit consisting of nothing but -- yes -- nocturnal animals. It's a really cool exhibit, and I am thankful there isn't space at the zoo devoted to her other obsession, because I don't think I could handle walking through "Kingdoms of the Tapeworm." But "Kingdoms of the Night" is great.

WCK said her favorite animal at "Kingdoms of the Night" was a sloth. My favorite animal was in the same enclosure as the sloth; it was a teeny little armadillo who kept zipping around and around the cage like a little windup car. It was like he felt he had somewhere extremely important to be. WCK and I thought this little guy was hilarious, but I wondered if the zookeeper who put the sloth and the armadillo in the same cage really thought it over beforehand. It seems like the two of them would drive each other insane, in an Odd-Couple sort of way.

Then I decided to look up armadillos on the Internet and I found out that armadillos and sloths are actually cousins. Shocking! Just think of it. All over the world, sloths and armadillos are forced to get together at least once a year for family reunions. All the way home, the sloths are muttering to each other, "All that running! We are not going back next year. We're not!" And that's a whole lot of complaining, because it probably takes them 30 hours just to crawl home.


Jen said...

You always make me laugh - thanks!

And so excited that you have a goose again!

Karen's Sister said...

The sloths are the Devine family favorites too! Who knew they were so spry. Was the sloth jumping around when you were there?

Sevendsen said...

Watch the trailer for The Zookeeper at

Elizabeth said...

The boys love that exhibit. I can't go in it. I went in it opening weekend when it was shoulder to shoulder in there and got severe claustrophobia. I said to Spencer, "you have the kids" and dodged through the crowd for the exit. It was horrible.

mplsdeanna said...

There's a sloth at the MN Zoo. One time we were watching it, and a random zoo volunteer walking by said, "They move so slowly that they have one bowel movement a week," and kept on walking.

Thanks, zoo lady.