Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shot through the heart

When I was in junior high (sometime in 1987 or '88), a concert came to town that I really wanted to see. My mom and dad said no. The next day, every single person at school (or, maybe, like, three people, but it seemed like everyone) showed up wearing t-shirts from the concert and talking about how freaking awesome it was.

I have been bitter for 22 years.

But I am bitter no more! I say, HA, HA, MOM AND DAD!!! YOU CAN'T STOP ME NOW, MOM AND DAD!! I'M GOING TO BE UP PAST MY BEDTIME AND EVERYTHING! I have a ticket to see:

That's right. Bon Jovi. It's not until March, so I'm still a little scared my parents will find a way to stop me.

When WCK found out I was going to a concert, she announced that she really wanted to go, too. Like the generation before me, I had to tell her no. She cried. Then Jay said, "Oh, it's just a very old man singing. Do you want to go see a very old man singing?"

"Oh," WCK said, no longer crying. "Not really."


Jen said...

Hey, I went to that concert back in '87 or '88 but now I am confused about who I went with...because I thought I always went to concerts with you? Must have not started that until high school. Maybe Kelly K? You know this is going to bother me until I figure it out...

Let me also add...jealous! That sounds like so much gfun! (But I won't tell your daughter that...)

Karen's Mom said...

Jon Bon Jovi was just on NBC Nightly News for being a really great guy who helps people get affordable housing. So you have permission to go this time. Just don't talk to strangers, stay with the group, be careful when you stand on the arms of the seat, don't go deaf and be home by 11:00.

Team S said...

SO jealous! I STILL haven't seen Bon Jovi in concert. I'm glad your mom finally approves :)

Confessions of a Mother, Lawyer & Crazy Woman said...

Cute post!