Friday, November 20, 2009

It's a big, big world

I'm typing this while trying to watch "It's a Big, Big World" with WCK at the same time. WCK is insistent that I watch the show with her and don't look at the computer, so if you see any typos, then akdau'dsvna; v

"It's a Big, Big World" is a show on PBS that features creepy-looking animal puppets who live in the rain forest. The star is a giant sloth. Because it's one of the few shows that WCK will actually watch on TV, it's grown on me a little bit. (WCK watching TV = time for me to take a shower) From what I can tell when I'm not in the shower, the show is about science. Right now the creepy anteater is making a compost heap. Now there's a big musical number about the heap: "Some folks say it stinks; it doesn't bother me; I'm just doing something for the tree!" Not making this up.

A new season of "It's a Big, Big World" started the other day, and suddenly there was an adorable little baby sloth who lived with the big sloth. The baby sloth was not there before. I'm guessing the baby sloth was added to boost ratings, just as Cousin Oliver was added to The Brady Bunch when Cindy and Bobby weren't cute anymore. WCK tells me the big sloth is the baby sloth's dad, but where's the mom? Where's the mom? Did the big sloth have an affair since last season? If anyone knows the origin of the baby sloth, please let me know. I think about it a lot, especially when I'm in the shower.


Anonymous said...

i was wondering the same so i searched google and didnt find anything the i looked through again and found this

Riona is a baby sloth that moves into the World Tree to be with her uncle Snook.

i would still like to know why she moved to the world tree but oh well.. lol

Daniel Gonzalez said...

Yeah, I read the same and got the same question.
I stay home with my kids and so, Yes I watch cartoons too.
My 5 years old loves when I share some of his favorites shows and then I can relate the characters with real life situations and it's a blast, easy to interact outside the tv time.