Tuesday, November 17, 2009

He's a man on a mission, baby

I was nearly in a panic tonight, because I couldn't think of something interesting to put up on my blog. Then I remembered that just this morning my friend Abigail sent me a link to Joey McIntyre's new video. Oh, thank goodness.

What's that, you say? You say this doesn't qualify as "something interesting"? I say, just watch, because you will learn several important things:

1. It is possible to sing in an emotional, anguished way while boxing.

2. Even if you are singing in a weird, robot voice.

3. Joey appears to be wearing the same hat he wore in "Hangin' Tough Live" in 1989.

4. But don't point that out, because he can beat you up. While singing. In a robot voice.

Also, now we can review the number of times a member of The New Kids on the Block has appeared shirtless on my blog. I believe the score stands at

Jordan Knight: 2

Joey McIntyre: 1

See? Interesting.

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