Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bring back our goose!

Does everyone remember the traumatic goose theft last June? I tried to post a link to the old post about it, but it wasn't working. I'll sum up: For years, we had a very fabulous goose lawn ornament on our front porch that used to belong to my grandma. We dressed it up in various outfits. Then, some evil hooligans stole it right off of our porch. WCK was devastated. Devastated. So was I.

Yesterday, we went to see the Fairy Princess. The Fairy Princess is an old Kansas City tradition around Christmastime, although she always shows up in November so that Santa can take over after Thanksgiving. I feel it is OK to go see her before Christmas since she is not Santa. She is a fairy. (Fairies before Christmas are OK. I suppose.) She's a pretty teenage-ish girl who wears a beautiful gown, and kids can go sit on her lap and tell her their holiday wishes and get their picture taken, and then she gives them a crown to take home. Last year was the first year that WCK was brave enough to talk to the Fairy Princess, and now we love the Fairy Princess.

The Princess asked WCK if she had a holiday wish. Did WCK wish for a Hannah Montana doll? A DVD? A video game? No, WCK said she wished the people who stole our goose would bring it back.

Wait, it gets sadder.

Just now, I heard a tiny little voice coming from WCK's room:

"In the name of the Father, and of the son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. God? Can you bring back our goose? Can you tell the people who stole it to bring it back? Oh, thank you. Amen! In the name of the Father ..."

Oh, nothing like a little child's prayer to make you want to hunt down goose thieves and poke them in the eye. We have to get another goose.


lifeshighway said...

You brought a tear to my eye. Anyway to get a similar goose?

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post, Her prayer brought a tear to my eye.