Saturday, November 07, 2009

Brave 4-year-old Accuses Witch in Pony Attack

Kansas City, Mo. -- The bodies of several "My Little Pony" dolls were discovered in a Kansas City home late yesterday afternoon, their tails and manes completely severed. A pair of scissors was found at the scene.

The only eyewitness, 4-year-old WCK of Kansas City, told authorities that she had absolutely nothing to do with the pony-cutting; in fact, the ponies were the victim of a mysterious witch who broke into her home. WCK was alone in her bedroom at the time and later recounted the entire event to her mother, who took detailed notes.

"I was busy resting when I heard a knock at the door," WCK said. "It was the witch. She ran out the door to get some scissors and then she cut the ponies."

WCK says she desperately tried to save the ponies.

"I said, 'NO, WITCH!' a lot of times," she said. "I got louder and louder, but she didn't hear me."

As WCK thought more about the incident, she recalled an interesting twist to the story: The witch had an accomplice.

"I saw a vampire come in, too," WCK said. "He was helping the witch. He was almost going to ruin a different toy. Then he saw a bat and ran out the door to play with the bat. The witch didn't see the vampire leave."

Authorities are asking parents to be on the lookout for the pony-clipping witch. She was described as "mad and mean." She had white hair and a green face and was wearing a black witch dress, black shoes, and a "regular witch hat." She may have been carrying a broom.

WCK's mother says parents should take away their children's ponies and perhaps caution Santa Claus against bringing any more toys so they can't be damaged by the witch. WCK, however, believes that this is a drastic step and insists that there will be no further witch attacks.

"She also wanted to shoot fire at me and turn me into a witch, too," she said. "But I fought her with a stuffed animal, and then I melted her. She will not be back, because she is melted."


Anonymous said...

Perhaps She was practicing her comotology skills.
Thank You for making Me laugh so hard I cried.

Jen said...

Points to her for being creative, right?

And at least making it hard for you to PROVE her wrong.

My daughter claimed that Grandma took the scissors and cut the new bed sheets. From 3 hours away.

WCK's Grandma said...

CAN'T WAIT until Mini-me (AKA WCK)will have a blog of her own.

Kim Miller said...

Seriously, love your kid!!!


WCK's other Grandma said...

WCK's own blog - that's a fun thought. Can't wait!