Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bad Guy Forest

WCK is concerned with "bad guys". I could blame Jay for his Batman-adoring ways, but she has also become concerned with "killing people", and she got that from -- unbelievably -- Meet Me in St. Louis. Yeah. You would not believe how many times that movie mentions killing people. I couldn't believe it, and I've seen it 9,000 times. Everything looks different when you watch it with a four-year-old. I thought most of the killing references would go over WCK's head, but most of them come from Margaret O'Brien's character, 5-year-old Tootie, who WCK thinks is unbelievably cool. So now we're completely obsessed with killing. Thanks a lot, Meet Me in St. Louis! I guess I'll think twice before letting my child watch a heartwarming classic musical made in the 1940s!

Anyway. Today WCK was worried about what would happen if "bad guys" broke into our house, and she asked me if I would kill them. I said that I wasn't going to kill any bad guys, but I would certainly stop them from coming into the house. We don't have to worry about that anyway, I added, since there aren't any bad guys anywhere near our house. I told her they all live really far away.

"Do they all live in Illinois?" she asked.

Illinois is where her cousin lives, and I didn't want her to worry about her cousin having to deal with bad guys, so I told her that there weren't even any bad guys in Illinois. She insisted there were.

"When we were driving there, I saw a big sign," she said. "It said, 'Bad Guy Forest: Straight Ahead.'"


Confessions of a Mother, Lawyer & Crazy Woman said...

LOL! Amazing what they pick up on!

Karen's Sister said...

Actually, with the number of former governors in prison - or with pending cases against them - this probably is one big "Bad Guy Forest"

Anonymous said...

I tell my grandson's we are too poor for vampires or other bad guys.

Jen said...

It is nice the way the label the forest like prevent any confusion.