Friday, October 23, 2009

Making mountains out of molehills

Jay spent the entire summer engaged in serious warfare with the moles that kept ripping up our back yard. He tried everything, including a whole bunch of these metal posts that you stick into the ground. Supposedly, these posts emit a sound that drives the moles away. Our theory is that the sound just enraged the moles and made them rip up the yard even more while seeking their revenge. It was either that, or they enjoyed the noise and were dancing to it with wild abandon. In the end, Jay forked over a giant sum of money to a professional mole-trapping company. WCK and I would eagerly watch out the window every time the Mole Guy came by. In the end, the Mole Guy was only able to trap one mole. I'm sure he took it away to a nurturing Mole Resort and Spa, where the mole is living out the rest of his days in peace and harmony.

Fast forward to today. Jay and I went to parent-teacher conferences at WCK's preschool, where we got to take a look at some of WCK's work. During the first week of school, everyone had to draw a picture of their family and then tell the teacher one thing about their family, which the teacher wrote on the back of the paper. WCK's teacher said most kids responded with things like, "My mommy reads books to me," or "We all like to go to Worlds of Fun together."

WCK's summary of our family life? "My daddy is angry because we have moles in our back yard."

It's funny 'cause it's true.


Motherhood Mayhem said...

That is hilarious! Kate just drew a birthday card for my Mom with a dead moose on it??? You never know what they are going to say or do!

John has killed 5 moles in our yard! He is the master mole hunter - he would be glad to help you next time...


tim's wife said...

My 7 year old niece is really advanced in drawing. Last year she
was told to draw a picture of her family. She drew about the day her daddy put something on a hot stove burner and set a fire that engulfed my sister's kitchen utensil
organizer. She included my brother-in-law putting the fire out with an extinguisher, her baby brother crying on the floor, herself looking on in amazement and the cat running for cover. I'm trying to remember if it included my sister running out of the shower in a robe. That's what happened, just not sure if she made the cut.