Thursday, October 08, 2009


Back in my old college-newspaper days, EOF stood for "Error of Fact". Turns out that I EOFed big time (yes, you can use EOF as a verb) with my Munchkin photos. A nice visitor to my blog pointed out that the Munchkin I labeled as Margaret Pellegrini was actually Myrna Swenson, wife of Munchkin Clarence Swenson.

In my defense, I did think that Margaret Pellegrini looked quite different from the last time that I saw her, and she wasn't wearing her Munchkin costume, like she usually does, but I went down the Munchkin list and couldn't figure out who else it could be. I'd also heard a rumor in the autograph line that Margaret had had a stroke, but I wasn't sure if it was true. Turns out that it was, unfortunately. I am so embarrassed for getting my Munchkins wrong. Thank you, anonymous reader!

The same reader also wrote, "The munchkin that had to leave was Ruth Duccini. She is blind in one eye so they asked people to not use flash photography, but some did anyway and it got to her."

Seriously?? Who would do that? Only a truly evil person would flash their camera at a camera-sensitive Munchkin. Now I'm all worked up.

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Anonymous said...

I am the one who left you the comment the other day. DOn't worry about the mistake. No biggie! It happens to all of us. I can see how it would be confusing having a little person there that was not a munchkin. I just wanted you to know. Take care!