Monday, September 28, 2009

Important moments

Our little family had some big achievements over the weekend. First, Jay went to Omaha and ran his first half-marathon! He finished with a good time, and we're very proud of him.

While Jay was away on Sunday, WCK and I went grocery shopping at Hy-Vee. As we walked down the spaghetti-sauce aisle, WCK announced that her tooth had fallen out. Sure enough, she had the little tooth in her hand! Several other shoppers witnessed the big event and were able to congratulate her, too. It was very exciting. We had to go to the cheese department for a slice of congratulatory cheese. (OK, we always go to the cheese department for the free slice of cheese, but on Sunday it felt like it was special cheese.)

WCK put the tooth under her pillow last night, and this morning it had vanished. The Tooth Fairy left a card in a special pink envelope decorated with fairy stickers and WCK's name in silver letters. Inside were four gold dollar coins, a nice letter from the Tooth Fairy, and a sprinkling of fairy-dust confetti. The fairy also left a gift bag, and inside was a tube of Hannah Montana toothpaste. I thought the toothpaste gift was really exciting, but it was not such a big hit with WCK. In fact, she saw the toothpaste before she realized the Tooth Fairy had also left her some money, and she was nearly in tears that the fairy had left her such a lame gift.

Really? Four-year-olds don't think that tubes of toothpaste are exciting gifts? I will have to talk to the Tooth Fairy about this.


Anonymous said...

congratulations to Jay for making the run ,That is not an easy thing to do.
Congratulations to WCK for her tooth and all the great gifts from the tooth fairy

tim's wife said...

We just had our first "non-appearance" by the tooth fairy.
The air traffic must have been murder last weekend cause our daughter walked into our room
Sunday morning with her tooth and
said the tooth fairy didn't make it!!! oops. She's 11 and I think pretending to believe just to get her 5 clams. She said to me the next night "you guys must be the tooth
fairy because you went right to bed and so did daddy and that night the tooth fairy didn't come!"
I hope we catch up on sleep before Christmas!

Sunshine said...

A million congratulations to Jay for running the half!