Sunday, September 06, 2009

Great day in Kansas City

We had a fun day today. We spent all afternoon at the Irish Festival in Kansas City. This pretty much sums it all up:

There was lots of music, good food, and kids' activities. Apparently, the Irish are big believers in bouncy castles and inflatable slides, because they were all over the festival. We decided to just buy WCK a bracelet instead of individual tickets so she could go on the inflatable things as many times as she wanted, and we spent most of the time at the festival just watching WCK bounce up and down. We also caught a performance of Mr. Stinky Feet, and WCK was picked to go on stage and play a maraca during "Buggy Hop." This is now the second time she's been among the chosen for the Stinky Feet band, so it's old hat to her now. I was still very proud. Obviously, Mr. Stinky feet recognizes her as a brilliant performer. She owned that maraca.

Afterwards, we had dinner at Gates, one of the best barbecue places in Kansas City. We hardly ever get to go to Gates, and it was WCK's first time there. (The verdict: "I think only grownups should eat barbecue. It's too spicy.") She ate mostly pickles, french fries, and bread. I had "burnt ends on bun". Jay, however, decided to go all out and eat two of every animal. I had to take a photo of his meal:

Do you hear that sound? It's Jay's arteries hardening.


Jen said...

Sounds like a great time - and very cool with the repeat band performance. What a future rock star!

Sunshine said...

All those animals look delicious, better food than French fries?

Anonymous said...

congrats on the repeat band performance.How is schol going?

Sue UK said...

Hi Karen,

Hope all is well with you?

I was looking forward to some nice halloween cakes :)

I have to track down your email on my old pc.


Sue uk